Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have become cheaper at low trading volume
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Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have become cheaper at low trading volume

On Tuesday, the cost of major crypto-currencies, including bitcoin, declined after the theft of funds from the Tokyo currency exchange Coincheck last week and against the backdrop of a possible tightening of the rules for trading in digital currencies.

At 12:24 Moscow time on the Bitfinex exchange Bitcoin traded at the position $ 10947,00. The second largest capitalization of the crypto-currencies at Bitfinex was traded at $ 1165. At the Poloinex exchange, the ripple traded at a position of $ 1.21.

On Tuesday, the Minister of Finance of Japan, Taro Aso, said that it is necessary to improve the management system of crypto-exchange exchanges. This statement was made after last week hackers managed to steal digital currencies from the Coincheck exchange for $ 530 million. Yesterday, the Financial Services Agency of Japan announced that it will check all the country’s currency exchange and decided to eliminate the shortcomings of the work of the Coincheck exchange. The currency exchange Coincheck suspended trading on Friday, recognizing virtual currency theft by the hackers for $ 530 million. This is one of the biggest thefts of virtual money. The current case has increased concerns about the security of operations with digital currencies, confirming regulatory authorities’ warnings amid a sharp rise in prices for crypto-currencies in recent months.

Many countries try to restrict trading by crypto-currencies, but Japan has chosen a different path. Last year, Japan became the first country to issue a government decree regulating the work of crypto-exchange exchanges. The Government of Japan is trying to make the most of the benefits of financial technology to accelerate the economic growth of the country. Decree of the South Korean regulator on the prohibition of the use of anonymous bank accounts during trading on crypto-exchange exchanges takes effect on Tuesday. The purpose of these measures is to prevent the use of digital currencies for money laundering and other illegal activities.

Among the latest measures of the government of South Korea, one can single out the creation of a system for conducting transactions with crypto-currencies only under real names of traders. This will limit speculation in the market amid growing fears about the imminent explosion of the crypto-currency bubble. The entry into force of the new rules occurred after the ambiguous statements of officials of South Korea on the need to regulate the markets of crypto-currencies. These statements have caused instability in the digital currency markets this month.

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