On the crypto-currency market massively come small players
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On the crypto-currency market massively come small players

Large investors withdraw from the crypto-currency market, small players come in instead of them, which can be considered a harbinger of the bitcoin collapse, says Maxim Maramigin, director of the Institute of Finance and Law of the Ural State University of Economics.

“I would not bet seriously on bitcoin, given that serious players come out of market or have already left, and small players have gone in. This, frankly, happens before the collapse of the financial pyramids,” M.Maramigin said at a press conference. According to him, those who want to acquire a crypto currency “so much that a number of exchanges simply suspend the registration of electronic wallets, because it can not cope with the volume of transactions.” “This is not a bad sign, which does not mean that everything will collapse just tomorrow, but judging by experience, large pyramids passed the same stages before the crash,” Maramigin added.

Mikhail Kresshik, head of the treasury operations department in Treasury areas of PJSC “Metcombank”, also said at the press conference that bitcoin is a very risky tool. “Pay attention that about 20% of the invested capital in bitcoin was stolen, it is every fifth dollar. Risks are colossal, besides volatility, connected (risks) with hacker attacks and kidnapping of funds,” M. Kresshik noted.

At the same time, he added, “it makes sense to keep the funds in the same currency as the received income, or – if desired – diversify risks with respect to international markets, purchase dollars and euros.”

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