The level of pollution in London exceeded the annual standards of the EU
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The level of pollution in London exceeded the annual standards of the EU

The level of air pollution in the London area of Brixton on Tuesday reached an annual limit within the limits of the EU environmental standards, and within the next day or two these standards will be exceeded, reports Bloomberg. However, the agency notes, despite such striking inconsistency with the rules established in the EU, the ecology situation in the city in early 2018 is much better than the year before.

In 2017, the annual air pollution standard in London was exceeded by January 6, the report says.

“The mayor of the city of Sadik Khan has taken decisive steps to improve the ecology in the city.” Later, exceeding the standards shows that his policy is working, but only a month has passed, and London has already exceeded the figures for the whole year, which shows that much more needs to be done ” “said Simon Elcock, a representative of a law firm that has already sued three times for accusations against the British government because of poor ecology.

The UK annually violates EU air pollution standards since 2010. Despite the fact that the government initiated the process of withdrawing from the European bloc, the EU rules will apply to the United Kingdom until the “divorce” process in April 2019 is completed.

Mayor of London Sadik Khan, suffering from asthma, has taken a number of measures in recent years to reduce pollution from transport. By April 2019, he expects to create zones with low emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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