US Treasury Secretary says that “Kremlin report” will entail sanctions
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US Treasury Secretary says that “Kremlin report” will entail sanctions

The Trump administration will seek sanctions in connection with the publication of a list of Russian businessmen close to the Kremlin, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Senate Banking Committee, Mnuchin said that although the administration did not impose sanctions under the new law designed to punish Moscow for alleged interference in the US presidential election, she considers the publication of the report as the first step.

“This should in no case be interpreted as if we are not imposing sanctions against any of the people in this report,” Mnuchin said.

“There will be sanctions that will result from this report,” he said, adding that this could happen in February.

On the eve of the US published a list of high-ranking officials and the largest businessmen of the Russian Federation in the framework of the law on sanction, signed last year. The list included 210 people, of which 114 officials and 96 businessmen, whose fortune is estimated at more than $ 1 billion.

Inclusion on the list does not automatically imply sanction against its defendants

Mnuchin said that the report of the Ministry of Finance has a secret part.

Democrats criticize the administration of Republican Donald Trump for the fact that she does not impose new sanction against Russia. The US State Department said on the eve that it is not yet seeking to impose new sanction, since the existing restrictions are already a deterrent.

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