For engineers and builders created a helmet of virtual reality
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For engineers and builders created a helmet of virtual reality

To help architects, builders and engineers developed an amazing construction helmet, equipped with virtual reality functions

If you have ever been to a construction site before the construction is not started on it, you can imagine how difficult it is sometimes for architects, engineers, builders and electricians to imagine how a building object will look and be located in this place. However, now all these specialists do not need to imagine anything, just put on a smart construction helmet equipped with a virtual reality.

American company Trimble, engaged in the development of positioning systems for signals navigation systems, at the exhibition World of Concrete presented its new project – a construction helmet equipped with glasses of virtual reality HoloLens. This helmet can create 3D images of a building object, showing individual layers of the structure.

Trimble calls its product a system of mixed reality, with which the user can modulate different layers of information for different subcontractors involved in the construction, for example, only builders or only electricians. The virtual reality map is tied to the GPS coordinates and gives the user an absolutely realistic zoom image, simply smaller sizes.

As is known, previous products of Trimble HoloLens were designed mainly for indoor use. They were created for designers, architects and engineers, allowing them to “see” the interior of buildings as a model of virtual reality.

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