Tesla is going to release an electric pickup
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Tesla is going to release an electric pickup

Tesla plans to produce an electric pickup truck, the company’s CEO Ilon Mask announced, discussing the company’s plans and new modifications of its passenger electric vehicles in Twitter. “The basic elements of design and engineering solutions have been spinning in my head for five years,” wrote the head of Tesla. “I’m eager to build it.”

According to the BBC, the pickup will start to be ready for launch in production after the Model Y comes on sale – a new electric pickup based on the Model 3 sedan.

Some experts point to the company’s losses and doubt that in such a situation it is worthwhile to build ambitious plans. In addition, Tesla has repeatedly encountered unexpected delays in production.

Pick-ups are especially popular in the US: the top three automakers are selling them at $ 90 billion a year, analysts at Morningstar Equity Research said.

In his tweets, Mask said that the car will be “a little more” popular model Ford F-150, and promised some kind of “revolutionary” function, but which one, did not disclose.

Currently, recalls the BBC, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) produces three models of passenger electric cars: the Model S hatchback, the Model 3 sedan and the Model X crossover. The cheapest model 3 is worth $ 35,000, and the recently announced all-wheel drive sports car with the reclining top of the Roadster Mask is going to sell from 2020 for $ 200 thousand.

In November, the company showed the largest quarterly losses in its entire history – $ 619 million, and also admitted that it lags behind the Model 3 delivery schedule for buyers for several months.

The company planned to produce 5000 such machines in 2017 every week, and in 2018 to double the pace, but in November, Mask recognized that the first goal will reach only in the spring, and the second – and it’s completely unknown when.

After the November announcement of the losses, Bloomberg news agency reported that if the company does not reduce losses or attract new funds, its cash reserves in 2018 will be exhausted. “From Tesla, they are increasingly demanding not to distribute new promises, but to fulfill old promises,” says Paul Newton, an analyst at IHS Automotive, a consulting firm. “There are a lot of pre-orders on Model 3, and only a few of them are completed, customers are sent cars, painfully collected manually,” adds Newton.

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