The history of the creation of the company “FinTech software development”

General Idea

The company “FinTech software development” was established in 2012 by a team
of professional software developers in the city of London, UK.

Young specialists are united by the idea of hybridization of standard financial tools
with algorithmic systems, the purpose of which was to provide automation the process
of buying and selling currencies.

The company did not have actual financing and only at the expense of enthusiasm,
experts began to translate their ideas into reality. Implementation of the project
took a long time, since the development of the system had to combine with
the main work in other companies and despite this, already by March 2014
the first positive results were obtained.

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The First Prototype

Initially, the technology was planned as an analogue of a bank deposit, but due to automation problems the algorithm was not self-sufficient and required constant viewing by the attendants.

After several years of painstaking work, numerous adjustments and tests, we managed to achieve complete automation of the process and autonomy of the algorithmic system.

The check showed that the algorithm for a time period of up to 5 seconds can accurately determine any movement of the market and open corresponding positions for the purchase and sale of a currency, after the completion of a profitable transaction, the system expects another price increase and repeats the operation again, bringing a constant passive income to its owner.

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Demonstration of the system

In 2014 at the financial conference FPA NorCal the world saw the first A fully
functional prototype of the “Arbitrage Trading System” which demonstrated the amazing accuracy
of entering the market and an impeccable mechanism for making profitable trades at any position
in the international currency market.

But, unfortunately, system was negatively perceived by investors, since violated the usual state of
affairs in the field of finance and it was not just an analogue, but a clear competitor of a bank deposit
due to income, which could bring users.

Because of the risk of losing one of the main sources of capitalization (deposit) banks
have rejected hybrid technology.
Due to failure and lack of investment, company “FinTech software development”
suspended its activities and further development of the “Arbitrage trading system”.

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Partnership Agreement with Grinta Holdings Limited

In March 2015, at the time of intensive development of financial technologies, the company “FinTech software development” received a proposal for cooperation from a successful European ECN broker “Grinta-Invest”.

Received support and financing, the team began to integrate the source code of the “Arbitrage trading system” with the trading terminal of the international currency market, which in consequence allowed the algorithm to be connected to the trading accounts of the clients of the broker Grinta-Invest.

Officially and in full, the algorithm began to work in November 2015 and up to this point continues to bring a constant income to its owners.

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