Arbitrage Trading System

We would like you to consider our VIP product dedicated to HWI (people with a high level of well-being). It is specially designed as a risk-free product that meets the requirements of the most financially sophisticated individuals. This is called a system of arbitration accounts. The system was proven as a product with a low degree of risk and consistent profit. It is based on the ability to catch prices before they change in all banks. The average results are 4% per month. The client can order a trial period for up to 3 months to gain confidence in the product and increase the trust in our team. The client can close the account and withdraw the deposit at any time upon his request immediately / We do not charge a fee for managing the account. We share only profit. No advance payments or other payments. The company receives only the commission for success (from 20% -30% of the received profit depending on the size of the deposit)

Innovative Algorithms
    The arbitrage trading system contains unique libraries with high-quality software and works at the expense of automated executing algorithms that makes it completely autonomous and does not require any human intervention. This structure was invented and developed by advanced software engineers of FinTech software development in 2012.

Work Mechanics
    “Robot that sees the future” – so describe the algorithm robot users who do not know the information about the mechanism of the system, and really, at first glance it seems that the robot simply knows where the market will go and flawlessly opens positions on buying and selling all possible currencies, bringing a permanent passive income. But if you understand the mechanism, everything falls into place.


Liquidity Network
    Through the joint efforts of FinTech software development and the large European broker Grinta-Invest, it was possible to combine the flow of liquidity from the 15 largest international banks into one common network, which became the main engine of the system.
    Obtaining a steady stream of market data from the largest banks, and processing it through high-frequency technology, the algorithm has the ability to capture the slightest fluctuations in the price ratios of currencies around the world, and with minimal time, opens positions on the purchase or sale of a currency before its jump in price, even during the unstable economic situation in the world. That allows you to receive a constant passive income.

Maximum Integration

In 2014, the arbitrage trading system was fully integrated with the official platform of the international trading market Meta Trader 4, which in turn allowed to activate the algorithm on any user account regardless of region, country or even continent. At the same time, the algorithm works flawlessly on all types of Meta Trader platform, on all existing operating systems, mobile and tablet devices, which is extremely convenient since it is possible to access the income that the algorithm brings from far away from home and even anywhere in the world. only a mobile phone and Internet access.



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