It’s very easy to make money with an advisor on Forex.

You do not need to know the technical and fundamental analysis, you do not need to understand the nuances of the market. All that a trader needs is a good, proven Forex trading strategy that justified itself when working on a demo account.

A good strategy is the one that you can earn on a daily basis from 3 to 10 percent of the initial deposit.

You do not need to order trading robots that earn a lot of money, because they are for sure hedges, as well as robots that risk almost all the forex trader’s capital. Trading strategies for which a particular advisor works should be strict, not trading during a flat, between sessions. In flat many trading systems mercilessly destroy your deposit, opening many positions, both for purchase and for sale, as the system gives out a lot of signals that can drain the deposit.

On the one hand this is good, perhaps you can earn a lot of money, but often, after the flat, and the trend changes, the first candle after the flat is often quite large. Therefore, positions are open in one direction, they will be closed in plus, others will be strongly minus, and as you know, the market can not be in flat with a global trend, this happens very rarely, so use trading systems that conduct trading operations with trend movement should be very carefully, using stop orders, stop loss and take profit, which will limit the amount of losses and profits, it is best to trade in flat if the adviser uses the grid of pending orders.

Earn with advisers on Forex, perhaps the best time frame for this is the M5 frame, which shows short-term movements of market prices. Pipsovye robots work fine in a trend, but they need refinement, and filtering the market movement. For trading advisors, the most highly volatile trading instruments, such as EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, USDJPY, are the best.

Trading on these tools, gives the opportunity to work quickly and reliably, the main thing in a short time you can earn decent money, but the robot must take into account the trend. So, when the trends are up, the robot does not sell, but waits for extremes, for buying, and picking up the trend, which guarantees significant success, and high reliability of the system, which can be placed overnight at the VPS server. You sleep, – the robot earns, the money goes.



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