Forex is an international currency market, open to everyone. It is difficult or easy to trade on it and how profitable it is – the question of personal ambitions and preparedness. The simplest rules can be mastered in a few hours, but if you want to become a top-class player, you should tune in to more serious work.

Financial markets are built on the principle of generating revenue from the game on the difference between the purchase price and the sale price of assets. A universal asset is a currency. Even those who have never dreamed of playing on the stock exchange know that the currency can be profitable to sell during the period of its growth in the price or profitable to buy during the recession. The winner is the one who is constantly aware of market trends, is ready to act and has the necessary theoretical knowledge. The latter is the most difficult, because no university prepares traders, and in a huge amount of literature, special courses and training programs it is easy to get confused. The opportunities of the Internet have also increased the activity on the exchange, and the rates and volumes of information – qualitative and substandard. How to build your training on Forex trading?

Forex Webinars

The most simple acquaintance with Forex can take place on a webinar. This is one of the forms of video learning the game on Forex on the Internet. There are a number of companies that conduct paid and free courses for beginners and advanced traders. By subscribing to the webinar, you will be able to get the information you need online and on the appointed day and hour. Records of already past webinars are usually free of charge on the websites of broker companies that serve customers in the Forex market. This is a unique opportunity to choose a practitioner who will share with you the secrets of his skill, and not miss the following classes that he will conduct. All this requires only access to the Internet. Many people in time appear their idols, every word of which can bring profit. The disadvantage of learning on webinars is the lack of feedback from the host. In addition, you yourself will have to make a plan for your training and systematize the information received. This is a plus if you already have some knowledge, and a minus if you’re a complete newbie.


On-site seminars of Forex are training, which gives an opportunity to get acquainted with specialists personally, ask additional questions and discuss what was heard in the circle of other future traders. Seminars are usually conducted according to a specially designed program that allows you to alternate theory and practice, to acquire knowledge most effectively.

Free basic courses provide information on the opportunities for profit in the financial markets, features of currency and stock exchanges. They also allow for a little practice in independent trade.

This will be the very basics of working in the Forex market, but without them you can not go further. Going to the courses is a good decision, if you can find a few hours a week for this.


The book has been and remains a source of knowledge regardless of the development of new technologies. Literature you can use always, when you have free time, it can be re-read and analyze the information again. Many textbooks are available on the web for free download. The disadvantage of book learning is that you are brewing in your own juice and do not know if the correct conclusions from the readings are made until you win or lose on the stock exchange. Learning to work in Forex in this way can be fraught with increased risks, so it is better to use all available training methods. In this connection, the question of planning time and finances arises.

Paid training against free

What can and should be done for free? First of all, it is reasonable to approach the choice of information sources. Unscrupulous companies offering for a small fee to teach you to earn $ 200 a day, very much. Brisk slogans, most likely, will lead you not to victory, but to financial ruin. True shark business, who can and should learn, these cheap effects are not needed. It is in their interests to support the market in all possible ways, including training specialists. Look for sites of companies that are ready to conduct free training in all possible forms: internally, online, in the form of individual or group sessions. As a rule, these companies have their own methodical literature.

Also you will always help:
1. Articles on financial markets;
2. Collected answers to frequently asked questions;
3. Forums where current traders communicate.

In order for your account to remain active, you must conduct at least one trade operation within 30 days. Such a regime almost does not oblige you if you are serious about becoming a trader. If you have not performed a single operation for a month, the account is closed. When you work out your skills, you can open a real trading account and start your first deals. Thus, when you first get acquainted with Forex, free training will take an overwhelming part of your time, unless you need to force events. Otherwise, just sign up for a good paid courses for beginners and complete the training.

In the process of working with a free tutorial account, you may have questions that you want to get answers to as quickly as possible. A huge amount of free training materials and a schedule of full-time and distance learning can make this process more difficult. As a result, you will come to pay for a particular book, seminar or webinar, an individual lesson, access to some necessary materials. This will seriously save your time and increase the effectiveness of training.



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